Thursday, August 3, 2017

Another Spin Around the Sun (38 Ways To Get a Great Looking Tan)

The Earth continues to spin around the sun at a ridiculously fast pace, blissfully unaware of the pitiful pleas for pause and patience emanating from its surface. A man begs for more time, only to watch his desperation gradually, unrepentantly disappear into the Great Void.

The breakneck momentum of the universe wins again and always and ever.

I once believed in the power to control universal momentum; that I could somehow direct it toward my own ends. At this point, I feels as though all I can do is try not to fall as I stumble from point A to situation X, and that I'm almost better off accepting that I have no control whatsoever.

Another year in the books. A little less wiser. A lot more confused.

The more stumbling and bumbling I do, the less I have figured out. Kudos to those who have all the answers. I still have a ton of questions...

Things move so fast. I'm not sure the human brain is built to process the unrelenting tornado of sensory information thrown its way, every day over and over and over from birth to rot. Every time you seem to have a firm grip on things, the rug is pulled, the clock is reset.

Again, I have nothing but admiration for those with the answers. I wish you nothing but the best.

I'm still trying to deal with failures past. I'm still struggling to hold onto dreams undead. I'm still mulling over fading ideas of how and why things work or don't, working to remember exactly what I was taught and how to apply those lessons long forgot (poetry).

Yet, like everyone else, I'm forced to deal with the new day, every day. To consider the past and navigate the present simultaneously. To ponder and prepare for the future.

All of which I do with zero grace and negative skill, as though I've learnt nothing from my travels; absorbed nil from my experience.

In other words, I still eat at Arby's.

As I "live" and breathe, nothing continues to change. Sometimes I enjoy it. Other times it is simply maddening. Even if I could correctly identify forward, I'm not sure I'd have the gall or gumption to really take the leap.

For those of you who have progressed, improved or bettered yourselves, you have my applause. I beseech your forgiveness for slowing you down. I apologize for occasionally reaching from the muck with a thought or an impulse or some other action that forced a path correction.

I don't know how you do it. I can't keep track. Life moves too fast for me.



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