Sunday, June 9, 2019

Hearts and Minds

It's easy to confuse the symptom with the cause, and vice versa. And it's not certainly not uncommon for people to give too much weight to "leaders" or personalities than the historical movements/waves they rode to the spotlight.

But maybe now is the time we should all take a step back and separate the symptom from the movement. More than ever. Because if we don't, it seems to me we're going to bury ourselves in the hype.

In the age of social media marketing, when EVERYTHING is hype, who really stops to think about what they're sharing, "liking," posting, promoting or pushing? Well, with the exception of a small few "studying" social media ("academics, marketers, etc.), no one, certainly not knee-jerk me.

Forget the Orange One and TV pundits and social media influencers for a second. They deal SOLELY in pushing a message that keeps people conflicted and confrontational and ready to pounce on one another. Their goal is and has always been to keep people reading, watching, distracted and tuned in. STOP!

By process of elimination, THEY are the ones winning the hearts and minds, and therefore eroding the hearts and minds and killing our souls and will to live in the process.

Look at the movement, NOT the person shouting the loudest. That is where things need to be won. Or surely, all will be lost.

Bye bye, Google+... we shall miss ye...


Johnny Normal

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